An Introduction


Hello and welcome to October on The Ink Owl. I have a special place in my heart for this month. Whether it’s the changing of the seasons, sweater weather, hot cocoa, chili, and the like, I love it all. October has always been different for me. The gears in my head work overtime to fill my active imagination. Whether it be the burning leaves of Fall, or the crispness of the air, but I yearn to write as often as I can.

For the past two years I’ve written terrifying short snippets from random stories in my head. They range from the chilling and amusing to terrifying and the abrupt. I started posting them on my Instagram account attached to photo’s I’ve taken. Over time these stories and pictures formed a sporadic countdown throughout the month.  But now for the first time I will have 31 stories to share each day of the month, in edition to my regular three posts.

I hope as you read these strange tales, they stir your imagination and give life to the shadows around you. Now let the Sinister Countdown begin! Brew yourself a cup of tea and cuddle up under a full moon, for something wicked this way doth come.


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