Under a Blood Moon

“Are we mere beasts ? Are we mere beasts?”

Voices chanted between shrunken trees as I slipped further into the waiting dark.

My feet flew over dried leaves, and bare limbs. All around dead leaves raked against one a other, whispering to the night. Autumn’s touch had fallen upon the world.

“Has the circle been drawn?” Breathed a  high rasping soul. I felt their mortal form touch the moist earth beneath my feet. Electrifying auras of the living winked between the treea.

“Yes.” Said the other being. Throaty vibrations grew softly for their throat. It hissed from the ground.

I came closer, to the edge of the clearing. Before me stood five hooded forms, swaying about a circle of burning silver.

A deep voice growled from the shadows, “Are we mere beasts? Are we mere beasts?”

“Yes!” Said the five, cloaks billowing in a sudden wind. The sky above seemed to part, raining down with cosmic light. The firmament awakened.

“Let the circle be drawn!” Rasped another voice, “Blood now rises! Bones be dredged! Come back once that was broken, come back!”

I felt a tugging beneath my breast. Some part of me long to repeat the words. I wanted to feel again. I shifted my face to the sky, longing for the feeling of cold to disapate.

A great ark of rust red thrust up over the line of trees, smearing across the sky.

“Are we mere beasts?  Are we mere beasts?” Voices screamed to the moon. I stepped into the circle of silver, ignoring it’s burning heat.

“Come forth! Come forth! Blood now rises!”

They had summoned me.

-Photo credit to Jarom Neumann



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