wp-1473913872128.jpeg“Sammy we’re not suppose to go in there! Mum told us not to!”

Mark dug his heels into the dirt as his older sister dragged him towards the watershed’s open door. Clumps of grass swayed in a cool breeze as the evening flourished. Her fingers burned into his wrist as he struggled, manicured nails lancing his flesh.

“Stop it! Let go! You’re hurting me!” His cries went unheard as Sammy pulled him off the back porch and through the overgrown yard. Her blond hair lifted from her face as she heaved him forward.

He twisted his arm, feeling tendons strain and protest. The boy cried out, “why are you doing this Sam? You’re going to break my arm!”

They were across the line of rocks that defined the backyard. How many times had his mother and father warned him about crossing it? How many horrible things had he heard them talk about when the subject of the watershed came up? Hadn’t Maggie from a couple of streets over been found in it? Hadn’t she died?

I’ve got to get away, got to get away! He thought. Summoning up all his strength Mark stiffened his body, ready to strike. Before them the sun bleached surface of the shed loomed over them.

His sister stopped then, throwing Mark off balance. He tripped and fell. Sammy’s hand remained on glued to his arm. As if nothing had happened, she yanked hard on his arm forcing him to stand. She was so close he could smell her deodorant. Unsure of what to do he focused his eyes on her shirt, trying to read her face. As if she knew what he was doing she turned her head to the dark recesses of the shed.

Mark saw her jaw move. “I’m not your sister.”

“What?” Mark fought down a sob, ears burning from the deeper, more menacing voice coming from his sister.

She pulled tighter on his arm and continuing to drag him towards the shed’s door. It yawned open, waiting for him.

He tried one last time to wriggle free, “Wh-who are you?”

She gave no reply, but bent his arm making him wince. pushing him forward with his he had to face the open door. They were inches away from total darkness.

He screamed into the dark, “Who are you?”

For an instant Sammy loosened her grip. With a rush of hope Mark looked back at Sammy and into a face he’d never seen before. His sister’s blond hair falling over a darkened brow. A jet black hole glared into his face. Light bent around it and vanished. The preternatural voice emanated from the hole. “The Gatekeeper.”

Mark felt himself thrown through the doorway into the waiting dark.


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