An Eye Full of Dread



“You should not have brought your fears here.” Whispered the sister, “The Superior awaits you.”

Rough hands pushed Sybal into the waiting dark. Rotting wood and crumbling stones touched her hands as the girl fought to keep her balance. Darkness pressed upon her as she groped through its profoundness.

She looked back, only to find the crooked doorway gone.

“Sister Veda? Where are you?” Her voice sounded weak, almost hoarse.

A trickling of water could be heard and a sudden dampness covered her feet. Condensation gathered around her head, dripping down into her face and eyes.

The trickle became a murmer.

“Anyone? H-help?” Her teeth chattered as water increase over her bare feet. Reaching out for a wall, pain abruptly erupted down her shin as it connected with smooth stone.

A bench.

The murmer of water grew to a cry. “H-help, p-please!” She sat on the stone, only to find it covered with liquid, sloshing her garment and increasing the bitter cold.

Cries turned to shrieks as water flowed in  from all sides. Panicked, Sybal climbed onto the bench, flailing her arms as the current’s pull grew.

“Help!” It was more of a whisper than anything else. Sybal felt her limbs ache and stiffen. Water continued to rise.

The tumult of water defend all other senses as her shoulders disappeared beneath a roiling surf.

A sudden lurch sent Sybal into the deep as the ground vanished.

Silence halted the tumult as first her ears, then mouth, nose and eyes were swallowed up. The darkness forced it’s way down her throat, into her ears and nose.

Silence witnessed her die.

And as she saw her lifeless body floating in the abyss, a voice spoke.

“Do you know who I am? You are brave, but young; strong yet you will be broken. Do you know who I am?”

All Sybal could do was watch her lifeless body as it sank.

“I am the Unseen, the All-knowing. You’ve come here to be born again as an unspeakable foe.

“You are a servant, a messanger, a Sister. Who am I?”

Sybal felt and saw her bluish – black jaw hinge open, issuing a ragged, garbled voice that reverberated through the dark water.

“The Sister Superior.”

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