“Jennie, did you hear that?”  Fingers pausing on the keyboard, Jennie glanced over her shoulder into the dark hallway. Her body shook in the deepening silence, as the echoing slam diminished. They had little time left, and she knew it. Turning back to the computer, Jennie forced herself to keep typing. She read small print, eyes flashing back and forth’ willing her Eric to remain calm.

“It’s on our floor.” Eric’s hands shook as he gripped the desk. Perspiration beaded on his dark brow as he looked around for anything that could be a weapon.  He was a tall man, with the light paunch of a middle aged man. Horn rimmed glasses flashed in the light of Jennie’s computer as he stopped moving. He stuck his head out of the cubical.

Taking the moment’s reprieve Jennie pounded out code after code on the keys, forcing the computer through a series of windows. The screen began to fill will file after file, generating a list thousands long. Eric muttered a curse and turned back to his fellow scientist.

“It’s here.”  With a jump he was at Jennie’s side, fingers spasming on the smooth metal desk. His breaths came in short gasps, each one more shallow than the one before.

Jennie’s  glasses flashed as she continued clicking through thousands of miniaturized documents. She did her best to keep each of her breaths even and deep, but the computer was taking to long. Codes spun by on the screen punctuated with pictures and graphs.

“Come on come on, where are you?” She muttered feeling her blood picking up speed and racing in her ears.

Something chuffed in the vast room, echoing off hundreds of empty work spaces. Something shifted along the ground, groaning against an unstoppable force.

“J-J-ennie, it’s hunting. It’s hunting us!”

Eric all but ran from his spot in their small cubical as a wheeze snuck out from the dark. There was a scratching of claws on tiled floor. It was moving closer.

“We’ve got to go!” Eric tried to pull her shoulder away, but the woman shook off his. She stopped at an image of a convoluted DNA series floating on the screen.

Eric sniffed and shook as fear took complete hold of his mind. His hands opened and closed, his eyes grew wide.

“Shut up and listen Eric, I need to know how close it is.  Can you see it?” Her eyes, roving the computer screen stopped dead. She smiled, “Ah here we go.”

A click and huff came down a narrow pathway  from the right. Eric fidgeted with his bald head, rubbing knuckles where hair had been. With a jerk he backedinto the cubical, knocking into his companion. “It’s headed towards the entrance. It can’t make it out of here. It can’t, everyone will die.”

As Eric spoke Jennie removed a section of the computer DNA sequence. The whole strand turned a vibrant yellow.

“It won’t.”

With that a terrific roar ripped through the air as alarms began to blare and lights flashed all over.

Jennie leapt from the chair and screamed.



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