As Fate Would Lie


No one would have ever know the horrors buried beneath years of clay and rock. No one would know the Pandora’s box of curses, jinx, and haunting that lay but a stones breadth from the path.

A channel from the deepest, most foul places of the earth welled. Above it, unsuspecting innocence blew in the wind. Crunching leaves and growing grass lay content, moved about by natural forces.

Gone were the protective enchantments and safeguards. All that remained was a simple name: Amelia.

A cracked and faded stone hidden within the knot at the base of an old maple.

She would have remained undisturbed. The world remaining a wholly contented mass of light and dark balanced.

That was, until fifteen year old Rodney R. Lankishire tripped catching a football.  How was he to know She was the one calling him. It was Her voice calling to him from beneath the groundAnd as he fell scraped his arm upon the stone, She accepted his offering with arms open wide.

That day Darkness fell upon all.

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