The Grave Dancer


Paul shivered at the angels blank face, its white worn eyes seeming to drink him in.

“How long do we have to wait?” He asked, punching Ruben in the arm, “You said she’d come at dusk.”

Ruben suck air between clenched teeth and looked around. “Quiet, or you’ll scare her away!”

“Is she even coming?” Asked Jo, the third member of their party. His eyes were growing wider with the setting sun.

Rubens brow furrowed with irritation. “I am telling you she’ll be here,  she always comes here to dance.”

Paul looked back at the tall stone grave. It would have been beautiful, if time and nature had not prevailed against her. The white stone body had worn and cracked, yellowing from a hundred years.

“The Lady in White.” He whispered to himself, watching his friends as their heads swiveled side to side.

If the rumors had been true, they would know soon enough.

Darkness spread through the town cemetery, shadows creeping around them.

“My feet are going numb.” Whined Joe.

“Then sit down and miss everything.” Snarled Ruben, his annoyance getting the best of him.

“Quiet. Did you hear that?” Paul motioned for them to be still. The last rays of evening were fading, throwing almost everything into darkness.

“I don’t hear anything.” Grumbled Jo, who was immediately shushed into


The soft sound of feet crunching leaves met their ears. All three froze, holding their breath.

The steps grew louder, until a form materialized from the dark.

She wore a flowing white gown, it’s hem brushing over brown grass.

Ruben motioned for the others to get down, the crouched trying not to make a sound.

The figure stepped out into the gray light, leaves stuck in her hair and fell from her hands. She passed within a foot of their hiding place.

Paul felt the hair on his arms stand on end, a sudden cold followed the woman into the clearing.

She walked up to the angel, reaching out to touch cold stone.

“What’s she doing?” Whispered Ruben.

The lady stepped up on tip toe, kissing the carved hands.

“Remembering.” Said Paul.

The woman began to dance.

If you’d like to read more about this follow this link.

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