Way’s End


She ran blood leaking from a gash open upon her forehead. Behind her headlights were approaching her overturned SUV.

“Run.” She rasped to herself, “Run!”

Clenching teeth and gasping in pain she ran.  Holding a limp arm to her chest she all but flew into the undergrowth. Branches and weeds snagged on her coat.

On the side of the road a cloud of dirt and rocks billowed up. Gloom momentarily shrouded her departure.

“Run, run!” She kept repeating to herself.

Doors slammed and voices began to shout.

“Don’t look back, don’t you dare. Keep on moving!”

Agony electrified her chest and back as she let her arm drop. Stepping over a low-barbed fence she moved deeper into the grove of narrow poplars.

They were screaming her name now. Not just one voice but a dozen.

“They’re not going to get me. Not . . .going to get . .  me.”

She stopped , staring wide eyed at an oddly familiar decaying structure before her.

It was a dead end. She knew it, and they knew it.

“Not here, not here please!” Gasping she looked all around. Trees seemed to bend towards her, stretching out in an embrace of death.

She opened her mouth turning back the way she had come. Nothing, no exit, no escape.

Only death awaited her.

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