March on the Ink Owl

20160316_185728March is almost upon us! I’m always reminded of an activity in Kindergarten I did when I was a kid. We would decorate a paper plate in the shape and color of a lion or a lamb. Whichever we though the month’s weather would be like on the first day.

Then we cut another plate into a spiral tail and stapled them together. Using paper clips my teacher, Mrs. Olsen, hung each one from the classroom lights.

I remember sitting back in my chair and looking for the lion I had made. The rest of that class day was spent watching it spiral round and round and round. I’m pretty sure every other kid on class did it. That day probably was a free-for-all.

This month on the blog I think I’ll do something different. I’ve tried having a monthly theme, which has been fun and challenging, but it’s time to have something new. For the month of March the Ink Owl will feature a free-for-all of posts. Who knows what will come up. What I do know is there will be several featured stories by unpublished writer friends, continuations of several stories from last year, mainly Greenwood and The Grave Dancer. So sit back, prepare yourself for a blast of inconsistency in posting and enjoy the wild ride that will be the month of March!

-M.E. InkOwl

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