Under a Gibbous Moon

img_1185“Click.” Went the locks in my car as I walked away into the growing dark.

At last, alone.

I felt my body shake off the day’s grime as I stepped confidently out of the parking lot and onto the darkened pathway.

Not long now.

Before me stretched deep hues of twilight. Cobalt lines mixed with deeper ribbons of midnight blue and black. Reeds moved in the wind, whispering in the night. Their woolly tips shifting and dipping in and out of placid water.

I walked along the edge of a gently rippling mirror, framed in broken rocks and earth. Completely alone. Wind touch my hair, brushing against my skin as I walked around a bend.

Closer. It will happen at the close.

I alone watched the world succumb to night. City lights blinked and glowed, scattered like stars in the depths of the universe. Above me the moon wreathed itself in bruised clouds, dampening its ethereal light.

So much to change. I thought as memories overran my senses. The world. The stars in their heavens, all will change in a matter of moments. Because of me.

My feet stepped over aged asphalt, crackling with sound in the near silence. There was no feeling of impending doom, nor drowning in a sea of human sorrow. Just an individual, the nature of a living planet, and the void miles beyond.

When IT comes, will they know? Will they understand what is happening? Will I feel guilt finally? Will the future call me a Destroyer? A Savior? Or will these actions fuel an eternity of nonexistence?

I knew the path too well, like a childhood room. I closed my eyes knowing the placement of each pebble and roll. Their imperfections laid bare to my unseeing eyes. it was coming soon, the bridge. There it would be, at the close, when all would end. My senses communed with the physical world, touching and interacting as only a familiar could.

Now, without hesitation, plunge the knife, break the bone, bring awe to the universe once more. IT could wait no more. I am the gateway for the unleashed, for the inevitable.

My feet pressed against metal, cool reassurance for what must come. Taking of my shoes I felt my naked feet press into those unnatural grooves. Metal shaped by an imperfect hand drew me to the water’s edge.

I do this for the greater good. It must be done for a more perfect cause than what transpires before me.

Pulling off my cloak I tossed it to the ground, stepping further onto the bridge. My weight caused the structure to dip, sending rings throughout the pond. Shedding each layer of spun cloth, I felt the night kiss my mortal flesh, welcoming the proffered gift of my essence.

What I enact here, must be done as it has for infinity.

Opening my eyes I saw the edge before me. My pale skin shimmered in the liquid undulating before me, bare to the elements.

Speak the words you must. End this, now.

Skin prickling in waves I open my mouth and speak the unutterable. At once all is still. The air, water, flora and fauna, all pause as if to listen.

Now the submission.

Bowing my head I looked into transfixed water, and see all. A mortal husk, in the depths of immortality.

I yield my flesh.

With that final thought my body falls from its perch. For an eternity I hovered over fate, and then was consumed.

So I end, and IT begins.

-M.E. Inkowl



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