Guest Submissions Needed!

For once in my life I’m planning ahead with my writing. I’m going to do something different for the month of August. Is there anyone out there that would be interested in having a piece of their writing featured on The Ink Owl?

This is open to anyone and everyone who follows my blog or comes across this randomly. I think the more diverse the writing group the more interesting August will be.


Since I’ve had a theme for just about every month

I would like submissions contain an essence of fantasy as well as reflect this prompt:

“Into the deep I plunge.”

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions can be short stories, poetry, journal entries, or thoughts. Short stories, journal entries, and thoughts must be between 300 and 1700 words. Poem should have no more than 600 words. Submissions can be previously posted or written, you don’t have to write whole new pieces if you don’t want to.

**As a courtesy to my younger or more sensitive readers, please do not use graphic language or excessive profanity.**

  • Each post will feature a short blurb about you and will contain a link to your site. Please indicate the top 8 tags you would like used.
  • Answer these three questions about yourself:
    • 1. Where you are from.
    • 2. You favorite: piece of writing writing/book/literature.
    • 3. In no more than two sentences, why you love to write.
  • Photos are more than welcome, and encouraged as long as they do not contain graphic content (i.e. nudity, pornography, violence, self-harm, and the like).

You can submit pieces via email. Send them to:

Subject line: August Submission

I need about 30-ish pieces and will take submissions up until July 15th. Spread the word by commenting below if you are interested and sharing with your fellow bloggers.

Now I wait with baited breath!

Sincerely yours,

-M.E. InkOwl

25 thoughts on “Guest Submissions Needed!

  1. Hi Michael, had this stored and finally have time to drop a comment. I wouldn’t mind a bit of exposure and have a couple of things that might suit. Both lie buried in my blog and I’m trying to exhume my writing and get back on track with it. Is that OK, or are you after brand new short stories? Also does the prompt have to feature in the writing, or is it more literal. For example, deciding to put my work out more is pretty much a case of “Into the deep I plunge!”

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    1. This is wonderful! Totally doesn’t have to be new stories or writing, and yes the prompt can definitely be interpreted that way. Feel free to email it to me when you are ready! Let me know if anything else needs to be clarified. I’m just so excited that you are interested! Dig away my friend!
      Oh and if you feel like sharing my post about it or have anyone else you know that would enjoy this let them know!

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      1. I rather think I am in then! Yes, will get onto it this weekend, Monday at the latest. Re the post share I can do a shade better than just a simple share. I will re-blog it tomorrow (hopefully) and then use it in a large Facebook blogging group for the #SundaBlogShare. I have a lot of author friends on that one and they will throw it at Twitter, StumbleUpon, FlipBoard, Pinterest and anywhere else they have social media accounts. Oh, and if you like writing then I did an author spotlight on a pensioner friend who has a curious hobby of writing to pop stars challenging them with the meanings of wayward lyrics. The replies are hilarious and form some pretty big names too. Just a thought if you fancy a laugh πŸ™‚

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      2. Gary you are amazing! Thank you so much! It looks fantastic, and I can’t find the words to say how grateful I am for this. Even if you’re the only one to submit work it will be an incredible experience. Thank you, thank you!

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      3. I am reasonably confident I can persuade a few people on the FB blog group to give it a go; a lot of them are writers, some have published too so may well have excerpts to promote. Experience says comments on my blog start slow too; not sure why, but it builds up over a week usually!! My pleasure too πŸ™‚

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      4. Really?? Twitter is a must my friend and it is really not a time hog either! My posts auto share so that save me having to do anything there. After that its just dip in once a day to check notifications and, for my author sins, rack up a few hours a week networking; although that’s not exclusively Twitter! I must connect with your FB page though! Put it this way, a year ago I knew nothing about it either!!!!


  2. Hi Michael, apologies for the delay sending something in; I got snowed under promoting the post on Sunday via the FB group and it went multiple times onto Twitter. In fact a few folk asked if you were there because they usually tag the person so they can see RT’s. Just saying πŸ™‚ Anyhow, it all went rather well. As a guestimate the number of likes on my press of your post is an indicator of the people that shared it to Twitter, SU, Pinterest, G+ and FlipBoard. On top of that there are multiple RT’s from followers of those Tweeting it. Hopefully some people will send something in. I’ll get onto mine shortly πŸ™‚

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    1. Okay I did it. I have a twitter account. πŸ™‚ Follow me at @inkowlme. I have my first tweet up with the guest submission, and am following you. But I don’t know who else to follow, I’ll take recommendations. Thank you!

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      1. Good show Michael. I’ll be on it in a moment. As for followers make it obvious on your blog that you are now there and time will sort that out. I have a huge blog following on there now too. Other trick is to wait for the membership to re-open on the group I’m in on Facebook. It really is an awesome community of bloggers that share posts and social media. You could also try looking at my RT’s to catch anyone that responded to your shout out too πŸ™‚

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      2. I try to help others short cut the trials I’ve had getting to here lol. Seems the only short writing piece I have is a memoir. The one I was going to use is much longer than I thought!!

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