Betwixt Eternity’s Roots

Solumra and Undaros walked upon rocks barren of life, and young of heart. Two lovers from the same root. They danced upon a world of fire and heat, awaiting a sign in the stars for life to come forth.

“How long are we to be cursed to roam these lands, dear one?” Undaros asked as his feet hissing upon burning sands.

Solumra looked to her lover, seeing the pain upon his shifting face.

“We must wait,” she said, pain filling her soul at the thought. “A sign we will see from the veil of darkness above.”

Both looked to the heavens, wanting in their eyes.

Time passed, and their world circled in the dark. Solumra planted life where she could, but to no avail. The rocks lay scorched and blackened where she had touched.

Utter ruin lay around the two glowing forms. Solumra fell to her knees and cried aloud to the empty lands, “Where do we go from here? Are we to parish upon an unforgiving stone, and an empty sky?”

“Come, love we will die together.” Undaros said, pulling Solumra into his arms. “Turn your face from our prison, we will depart in love.”

And as light faded from their world, a single star shone down from the heavens.

It was Lucia, goddess of life. Purity descended from upon high as those of a lesser road watched with hope.

With a ringing voice Lucia called to them, “Come, my children. Let us bring life to this rock.”

And so Light, Earth, and Water converged upon a sea of dead sand, and from there life was born. From dust rose a garden green.

Out from the ground grew the Varena, the Mother trees. Towering pinnacles formed living walls of waving leaves. Thick trunks held their swaying bodies to the ground, while thick roots of creation delved deep within the world.

“It is beautiful.” Undaros said with a smile. From his footprints bubbled springs, filling into pools and streams.

“It is.” Agreed Lucia, her gaze warming the new flora at her feet.

“But something is amiss.” Solumra said, looking through the garden. “Who is to care for our garden?”

Lucia walked between the trees, listening to the wind. She stopped before the Varena, pressing her hands upon their bark. Radiance flowed into the tree, setting each line of its bark aglow.

“They will.” Lucia breathed into the night air.

And from between the roots of each Varena sprung the Dryadai, Children of the Trees.

-M.E. InkOwl


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