In The Garden

“How could you do this, Ignoctis?” Lucia spoke, her radiance flaring with suppressed rage. “It must not be. They are that which cannot exist.”They stood in the garden under a sea of stars. Twilight touched low upon a distant rim of mountains, hesitating before the night. Before them, where life should have been, a crevasse opened into the earth.

Ignoctis stood with head thrust forward, his defiance rippling through a cowl of darkness.

“It is as I have decreed it sister,” he said, pointing to the Canabrae. “They are my creation. One to exist aside of your Gryphem. To balance your creatures of light.”

Lucia looked down upon the pain and torment of each ill-conceived soul. They feared her light, young pups squirming away from her aura. It was wrong, the whole scene.

“They do not respond to the light.” Lucia observed, reaching a hand towards the creatures. “I do not sense that which should be.”

Ignoctis smiled, revealing shining teeth. This was where he had her.

“Where is the darkness in your creation, sister? Where is their flaw?” His smile grew as Lucia stepped away from him, from them. They both had crossed into undying laws. Ones that governed the very fabric of matter and being.

She has no choice now,” Ignoctis thought, a feeling of satisfaction and elation lifting his essence. “Let the rift widen between us sister, it is time to fall.

Lucia continued to stare at the Canabrae. Her eyes lingered on heavy-lidded eyes. Blinking away her light, red irises contracting with pain, they yammered with silvered teeth.

“You speak of magic more deep than you or I, brother.” For an instant her aura flickered as she spoke, reflecting the conflict within. “But I doubt you understand all that you do.”

Her voice broke off as she turned away from him. Looking through the creations worked upon by the elements. Together they had formed this life, together they shared the responsibility.

“How are they to be controlled?” She asked, as the world fell into darkness.

Ignoctis stepped forward, removing a helm of metal upon his brow. Glittering with the last rays of twilight it held a strange power within intertwining bands.

“What of this?” Lucia

Ignoctis stood with pride and said, “It is a creation of my own hand. Whoever wears this crown will be given control of these Canabrae. They will work just as your Gryphem, maintaining the balance between the world. Between us.”

Lucia stepped towards Ignoctis, “Do you understand the folly that could consume these creations? That could consume the wielder of such power?”

“I do,” Ignoctis said with a nod, “and it must be, Sister, you cannot contain all the world in light, and you know it.”

Silence grew between them like a poison, reaching into the deepest parts of their world. Lucia knew there was no way around her brother’s power. Their work would be rend apart, as would their bond. She looked once more upon the Canabrae and then closed her eyes.

“Then it must be, Ignoctis.” She said as her radiance dimmed with acceptance.

Ignoctis smiled upon his creation, darkness churning within his being.

He gazed upon the world with an unsatiated hunger as his power worked upon the world. And with a final breath, whispered to Lucia, “Yes, Sister, it must.”

-M.E. InkOwl


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