Accepting Guest Submissions Until 07/15/17

The deadline is fast approaching! You have 3 days to get your guest submission in to be featured on The Ink Owl!

Open to anyone and everyone who follows my blog or whoever comes across this randomly.

I would like submissions to contain an essence of fantasy as well as reflect this prompt:

“Into the deep I plunge.”


Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions can be short stories, poetry, journal entries, or thoughts. Short stories, journal entries, and thoughts must be between 300 and 1700 words. Poem should have no more than 600 words. Submissions can be previously posted or written, you don’t have to write whole new pieces if you don’t want to.

**As a courtesy to my younger or more sensitive readers, please do not use graphic language or excessive profanity.**

  • Each post will feature a short blurb about you and will contain a link to your site. Please indicate the top 8 tags you would like used.
  • Answer these three questions about yourself:
    • 1. Where you are from.
    • 2. You favorite: piece of writing/book/literature.
    • 3. In no more than two sentences, why you love to write.
  • Photos are more than welcome, and encouraged as long as they do not contain graphic content (i.e. nudity, pornography, violence, self-harm, and the like).

You can submit pieces via email, send them to:

Subject line: August Submission

I need about 30-ish pieces and will take submissions up until July 15th. Spread the word by commenting below if you are interested and sharing with your fellow bloggers.

Now I wait with baited breath!

Sincerely yours,

-M.E. InkOwl

17 thoughts on “Accepting Guest Submissions Until 07/15/17

    1. Sorry for the delay, email me the submission at Give me your site link, answer these three questions about yourself: where are you from, your favorite piece of writing or book, and reason why you write.
      And any tags you’d like me to use. And then I’ll take that info and make a post. You can also submit a photo with the piece you’ve done. Does hat sound good?

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