Share Your Creative Work Here

Seeing that I’m not busy enough, I think for those days in the month that aren’t dedicated to featuring wonderfully talented guest writers I will be featuring social media groups tags and promotions. That way as all of you readers out there get to know new bloggers and writers you can also find ways of promoting your work and the work of others.

Today I would like to return to a Facebook group I joined about six months ago. Share Your Creative Work Here is a creative work group spearheaded by Mtaggartwriter, who owns a spectacular blog that you should check out. In this group one can promote blogposts, ideas, photographs, recipes, creative works of art, etc. For the world to see and enjoy. It also provides an excellent platform to promote your voice and creative view point!

Follow this link and ask to join in on the group. I know M. Taggart is hoping to raise memberships to 1K as soon as possible.

Feel free to like, comment, ping this post, or reblog on your own blog to promote this endeavor. And as a common courtesy, tag the owner and creator M. Taggart.

Happy reading and promoting!

-M.E. InkOwl

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