First Friday — The Daily Post

New blogger? Welcome! Share a link to your first post, say hello to other new faces, and find your first few readers.

via First Friday — The Daily Post

This is one of the best places to visit when you are a beginning blogger. (Just realized this is my first bit of blogging advise I’ve ever given, and I’m still new to this.) It’s a great place to get your first post and blog noticed, as well as interact with a vast sea of beginning bloggers.

What is also helpful about these weekly posts, especially for more seasoned bloggers, is it’s a great way to gain followers. I need to do this more, and I guess you could call it “networking” but you can meet so many new people who are completely different or similar to your blog and writing in general.

As you post you link and a brief hello into the internet you can snag followers quickly, and meet some amazing people. I would encourage you to interact to comments from others! Interaction with fellow bloggers helps our writing/blogging community grow, and promotes you like crazy!

Just make sure to get your comments in before the time to do so expires. Thank goodness it happens every week. And I’m thinking now I should have written this and posted it earlier today. But that’s life!

Go check it out! Make new friends!

-M.E. InkOwl

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