Guest Submission: Summer Solstice

Morning had broken. Praying lady lifted her head, and a heavy sigh escaped her lungs; the sound lingered, flirting lightly with currents of air. Atop the tower, she stood alone, olive eyes aimed at the horizon; orange and pink painted the sky, painted her face. Distant birds gathered and soared into fine light, disappearing in luminescence; hand to gentle brow, Keeper of Tower Truth followed the melodious flock into chirruping memory.

Gaze shifted, she marveled at the grandeur of the earth; languid streams marked the land, their faint ripples catching beams of dawn’s radiance; wild blooms of red and blue mingled with  blades of green that blanketed the soil; honeysuckle bountiful produced tubular heads nectar rich; oaks raised robust branches outspread in praise of the sun. Morning had broken; newborn summer colored the kingdom vibrant.


Train of virginal gown trailed lazy; barefoot Keeper tiptoed through the topiary courtyard on her Chosen Day. Order organized around the hallowed pool; the collective anticipated their initiate at the edge of cherry coppice. There, made naked, she stepped into translucent water, cool; Keeper said her vows, and baptism commenced.

“Into the deep I plunge, embodied by the Illuminate, mother of the Light.”

-Kindra M. Austin


Author Bio:

My name is Kindra M. Austin; I live in Michigan, born and raised. In April of this year, my greatest dream came true when my debut novel, “Magpie in August” was published. I am currently working on my second novel. Inspired by Sylvia Plath, my favorite book is “The Bell Jar.” I love writing; through the written word, I have the privilege of touching hearts and inspiring minds.

You can follow more of Kindra’s thought provoking writing on her blog Poems and Paragraphs.

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