“Come,” he said, “let’s witness love in the heavens.”

His words captured me held me hostage under a sun-filled sky.

Side-by-side, hand-in-hand, we watched in awe.

Celestial lovers moving slowly to embrace.

A union between day and night.

A kiss not to be forgotten.

Each sharing the beauty of their power.

There were no words exchanged, just his breath on her face.

The beating of their hearts,

While Venus shown in celebration.

With our faces turned heavenward, our breath taken away,

We had no words sufficient to exclaim our wonder.

Silent we were

as the wind blew softly.

Then lovers parted moving slowly, longing for their next embrace.

Not until then did he whisper softly,

Did you not know that’s how stars are born?

And as he held me close,

my heart knew what love was.

-Diane, Nana to some.

Author Bio:

Where are you from?

  • I am from Utah. Don’t worry, that doesn’t make me as uncomfortable as it does you.

What is your favorite piece of writing/literature?

  • “Poetry” by Pablo Neruda.

Why do you write?

  • To frighten my husband and express my heart.

5 thoughts on “Eclipse

  1. This was such a creative and elegant piece! It was a really a great read! So romantic! Bellissimo!!

    I’m a refugee from California living in the Austin TX metro area
    “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is my all time favorite
    Why do I write? I guess I will let my poem “The Reluctant Poet” and “I Dropped a Pebble In A Pond” or “I am not a Poet” answer that question for me – Come visit my blog???

    Liked by 2 people

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