A Year’s Reflection


Today marks a little over a year that I set out to discover what would happen if I made a blog for my writing. It has been a challenge. It has been a mess. I’ve thought about giving up multiple times, thinking I was wasting my time writing nonsense into the cosmos.

This began as a way to work through a major upheaval of my life as I left an imploding dream and career. I was in a low place, and had nowhere to go but up. Now as I look over statistics from my blog there are posted over 200 pieces on the Ink Owl. This blog has gained readership across 71 different countries throughout the world. I’ve met so many different people, with beautiful perspectives and lives that have touched my own. I’ve found a community, a confluence of influence through other’s words.

img_6606On this day I celebrate 200 plus followers on WordPress, with 165 others smattered throughout other online platforms. I can’t even number the blogs I follow. I write daily, a goal I’ve always wanted to achieve.  I find myself pursuing an education in biology, something I’ve never thought I’d seek after. I have a life with two of the most brilliant and challenging children on the face of this planet, and I have a wife that still gives me a squeeze every time I see her.

Life may not be where I wish it to be, but it has been good to me nonetheless. I’ve moved from an area of darkness and out into the light. And I could not have done this without my small family, friends, and this blog. Thank you to all of those who follow my writing. Thank you for your kind words, your inspiring thoughts, and encouraging witnesses. I am ever grateful and as always am excited to see what you publish next. Here’s to another year of writing, come what may.

-M.E. InkOwl


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