September on The Ink Owl

This month on the Ink Owl I am excited to return to more original poetry and memories from my life. September has always been a month of renewal for me. It is a month fraught with change as school begins and seasons transform. I often find myself reflecting on what new opportunities are in store for the future. Regardless of age, or stage of life September has been a month of crossroads.

Throughout the month I will be featuring original photographs from my cabin in the wide open farmlands of Idaho, as well as writings inspired by the scenery and memories of that special place. There will also be a selection of random poems and haikus to liven things up.

I hope to inspire those of you who come across my blog this month to embrace the change that so readily affects all of our lives. There is always something to be learned and gained from every moment in life, be it the solid road of the past, the expanding gateway of the present, and the ever shifting pathways of the future. Happy reading to all this month.

-M.E. InkOwl

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