Webbing Between The Toes

“Catch it! Catch it!” Squealed a voice. Stalks of grass rustled and giggles erupted as young hands parted a waving sea of green.

“Where did it go? Did you lose it?” Hands went to eyes

Hands went to eyes, shielding them from the glowing orb above. The smell of cow manure and fresh water mingled in a tossing wind. Feet carried young bodies to and fro as an agile form leaped from its hiding place.

A unison of voices called out shaking a pheasant from beneath sage brush. “There it goes! Hurry before it disappears into the stream!”

A momentary scuffle ensued ending in a cry of triumph, “I have it! I caught him!”

Waving a fist the captor proudly exhibited his prize. Wondering eyes examined the proffered specimen. Fingers stroked curiously at wet body and legs. A single croak emanated from the half open fist, answered by several screams.

“Put it back! Put it back!”

One last round of wonderment took in protruding eyes and large gold ringed spots. And then their friend, the Leopard Frog sprang into crystal clear water.

-M.E. InkOwl




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