Figures of Inspiration

Two figures have been ever present in my life cloaked with wisdom and filled to the brim with unconditional love.

“You are incredible, my wonderful darling.” Grandmother declares with a flourish of her hands.

“You make us proud.” Grandfather says, his eyes disappearing behind the wrinkles of a smile.

Even as an exhausting youth, filled with an insatiable desire to know everything, they both took the time to listen.

Especially now as an adult and parent their support and consideration moves me through mountains.

And each time we meet we share this life long exchange:

“I love you Gramma, I love you Grampa!” I say, wrapped within their arms. A fortress of security lay within our physical bond.

“And we love you.” They whispered back.

-M.E. InkOwl
Author’s Note: The cabin featured in this month’s posts was built by my grandfather and great grandfather. It has now stood over thirty years collecting memories and history as generations have grown to love its weathered frame.

My grandparents, Don and Jan, have spent most of their life moving between ordinary existence and paradise as they have fixed up and improved our cabin, The Cabin.

They have imbued each wall, floorboard, and window with their very souls.

May it continue to bring peace, inspiration, and joy to many future generation is my hope. Their legacy will live on long after they and I have passed.

Thank you all for taking the time to read and participate in this month on The Ink Owl. Your words and likes are every so appreciated.

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