Someone’s Haunting Me

“Jack. . . Jaaaaaack.” Voices whisper from the walls as I walk down a cold hall.

I’m there again, in the dark, in the snow.
Words came from behind me, “All work and no play, makes a dull boy, Jack.”

“Hello?” I call out, knowing whoever it is, is just out of sight.

The walls stand in silence as if to breathe me in. I start down the hall, away from the voices, knowing they will follow.

Door after numbered door pass me by and in response to the increasing number, anxiety takes hold.

“Redrum!” Scratches a voice from under a door.

They’re calling to me, wanting to find me.

And kill me.” Fear, a wet hot feeling, pushes through my resolve. And I feel it coming.

“Come play with us, please.” Now before me lays a scene of utter terror. Smeared carpets and walls, two innocent forms staring up at the ceiling. Death.

“Come play with us.” They say, turning broken necks toward me.

“No! Noooo!!” I scream now throwing myself around a corner, away from the horrific memories now forever etched upon my mind.

They weren’t going to have me, they weren’t going to take me, or my family.

“Wendy!” I screamed down the hall, filling the very walls move around me. “Wendy! Run!”

Fear shook through to my fingertips as I turned down corridor after corridor. I yelled again for my family, “Danny!”

And suddenly he’s there, standing before me. A dapper suited gentleman wiping away at something in his hands.

“Jack.” He says with a smile, “Jack, you’ve got to stop this, right here, right now. Your family is getting out of hand.”

His words stop me. I’ve seen him before, many times. The lines of reality blur and something within me yearns to push forward, to flee. But his eyes bind me to the spot.

The man continues, “It’s like I said, they need a talking to, a good talking to. You can’t leave us here like this Jack.”

I know he’s lying, he doesn’t even exist, at least not anymore.

“You’re wrong,” I say, sweat beading on my forehead, “You’re wrong!”

He just smiles and shakes his head.

“Now there’s no need to yell. You’ve got a job to do,” He looks around the hall and smiles, “a great job right here. And they’re not going to take you from us are they?”

Again a flicker of rebellion quivers within me, but then I remember. The look on Judy’s face, the judgment passed there.

“Yes, there is that,” the man says to me reading my thoughts, “remember what she accused you of? Remember?”

It’s all I need. A light goes out within me and I feel my mouth twist into a smile.

“Oh, I remember alright. I remember.” I say the words, grinding my teeth together so hard it hurts.

“Good, I’m glad you do.” The man says, beckoning me forward. He turns and walks down the hallway. I do the only logical thing and fall into stride behind him. We pass door after door until finally, we stop at a familiar junction.

The man turns to me, holding something in his hands.

“Now let’s attend to this matter. It’s like I was saying, they need a talking to, a real good talking to, do you agree?” He says brandishing an ax in his hands.

Slowly I reach out, running a hand over the clean cut edge. I look over my shoulder at the door they’re hiding from, then back to him. He pushes it towards me with a smile and I grasp it in my hands, feeling its weight.

“Yes, Grady, I agree,” I say and lift the ax over my head. Somewhere beyond the door, I hear my wife scream. I bury the ax blade into the door.

-M.E. InkOwl


The Shining, by Stephen King.

Quotes are taken from:

2 thoughts on “Someone’s Haunting Me

  1. Ah!!!! So good and so creepy. I never saw the movie or read the book. Does this interaction happen at all in the book or are you filling the gaps of the story with this little nugget?

    Liked by 1 person

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