Of Masks Within

Touch not the dark knit mask, the light of life shall leave you.

A broken husk, your form will be, withering to dusk.

You seek unending knowledge for the road you wish to walk.

But I know what lies within your heart, a blackness and a rot.

For all of us, fall short it seems, of perfection’s greatest wish.

To be better than those we love, giving in to our regrets.

Hold back your thoughts as we walk in a garden full of faces.

I’ve taken mine and placed them here, within their good graces.

But hold you still, till night sinks in, I will show you then.

The treasure you want, but dare not deserve is just beyond your reach.

So bind your hands with guilt and lust, my knives have already been cleaned.

I’ll take your desires and cut from your face, the hope you there in are hiding.

And piece together a beautiful mask.

Please, let me knit out the darkness within.

-M. E. InkOwl

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