Now Accepting Guest Posts for November

As October flies by I just wsnt to remind all of you views and writers out there that I am taking guest posts for next month. I will be on break preparing for the deep dark winter months and possibly participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

So if you’d like your work and writing features let me know! November is all about food on The Ink Owl, so read more about this particular challenge!

I hope to hear from you all soon!

Here are the guidelines for submissions:

Submissions can be anything about food. The story/excerpt/journal can be fictional, poetic, food bloggerish, autobiographical, fantasy, sci-fi, anything! Do you have a favorite restaurant, or food blog you follow or run? Have it featured here!

Entries must contain no less than 50 words, no more that 1700 words.

Photos are a must, even if they are taken from the internet (please give credit).

Please list your website or blog so I can give you credit for your work and answer these three question for your author bio:

1. Where are you from?

2. What started you writing? (Why do you like to write?)

3. What is your dream for your writing?

*Pictures of yourself for the author bio are encouraged.*

**Pictures and content submitted with graphic language, violence and/or pornograpahic nature will not be accepted**

***Please give credit where it is due, I do not accept copyrighted work***

Send submissions to no later than November 1st.

I love forward to your submissions! Feel free to share, reblog, or ping this post as much as you can! Thank you!

-M. E. InkOwl

7 thoughts on “Now Accepting Guest Posts for November

  1. Michael, I’ve pressed this on a food bloggers site that I collaborate on. I think the target audience there might be interested. My own writing, as you know, is not really fitting this particular theme. However, I may throw it on mine too as the Facebook group I’m in has a lot of food oriented bloggers that may also be interested. Will keep you posted when things go live.

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  2. Dear Michael – Hope you’re doing well. I would like or more accurately, love to participate, if possible, as a November Guest. I will also email you as per the above instructions. Looking forward hearing from you. The Recipe Hunter

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