Guest Submissions Needed

I’m going to be doing daily reminders about this now because I need more submissions! Please for the love of food, send me your posts about food. Any genre, any style, just make sure it fits within specified guidelines. Now is your chance to have your blog and writing featured! Read more to know what’s what:

Submissions must be about food. They can be any genre of writing as well.
Entries must contain no less than 50 words, no more that 1700 words.
Photos are a must, even if they are taken from the internet (please give credit).
Please list your website or blog so I can give you credit for your work and answer these three question for your author bio:
1. Where are you from?
2. What started you writing? (Why do you like to write?)
3. What is your dream for your writing?
*Pictures of yourself for the author bio are encouraged.*
**Pictures and content submitted with graphic language, violence and/or pornograpahic nature will not be accepted**
***Please give credit where it is due, I do not accept copyrighted work***
Send submissions to no later than November 1st.
I love forward to your submissions! Feel free to share, reblog, or ping this post as much as you can! Thank you!
-M. E. InkOwl

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