Guest submission: Es’s Tip – Grinding of Coffee beans with a drop of water

I am sure you may know this, but I find it so handy that I wanted to share this tip with you all.  


As we are coffee-holics we like a decent cup of  coffee. We buy bags of coffee beans and grind them as we use it to make a fresh cup of coffee. We have experimented with different grinders over the years, and now settled on a Coffee Burr Grinder.

Still when you grind the beans, the ground coffee tends to be very static and when you pull the container with the ground coffee out of the machine it tends to “fly” all over the countertop, and it’s such a mess.

Hubby then started to investigate on the internet and found out that once you add a drop or three water on the beans, that this problem is solved.

We have now tested it for a number of months, and it does work, no more static and coffee grind all over the countertops.

Feel free to test it for yourself, I promise you it does work.
Enjoy your next cup of coffee.

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