Temptation of the Sea

Cousins we are, separated by the sea.

I, beneath the surface clear, you above in skies so dear.

My hair laid tangled with weeds of the sea, I placed shells of ivory with great care.

You combed your tresses that lifted in the wind, breathing freedom so sweet.

How I wish we could go back, to that evening by the sea.

Our people were one, as so many long before us.

Yet we the immortals fell prey,

To wicked lies and treachery so dear that the waters remind us of our loss.

You had held me close, as a lover’s embrace begging me to not go.

And I stood, so proud and assured,

Not believing my own folly.

And with light in hand, I parted ways,

My sister, our people eternally divided.

And now we stare from beneath two sides of the same pool,

A child of the forest, and a daughter of the sea,

Forever looking for the other.

-M.E. InkOwl

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