Sisterhood of the Moon

Under a rising jewel,

Far removed from innocent eyes.

A glowing form departed from the sky,

To brush a hand upon the mortal realm.

With ageless limbs infinity manipulated the world,

And knowledge poured from finger tips.

To the East a group of sister’s walked,

Shedding tears for the companionship of death.

They walked upon calloused feet, bare and free,

Wandering where their hearts took them.

When they tread across an immortal’s touch,

The sister’s paused feeling a shaping.

Knowledge changed them,

Knowledge transformed them.

As the moon crossed over their heads power grew,

And from that path did they pass beyond mortal mind.

Beings of understanding did they become,

Beyond the fairness of earthly eyes.

But the darkness waited,

And in their prime the Sisterhood fell.

Knowledge was a thing to be kept,

Kindness withered to loathing.

And all that was good in their hearts, eyes, and mouth

Grew to rancor.

For the goodness could not bare the dark.

With burning brands and sharpened knives the purge began.

Goodness was cut from their teachings, their bodies, and hearts.

Living did not inspire,

And wisdom that should never had been lost, was.

Building walls of the blackest rock they lost sight of the world beyond,

Turning to their own devices, the sought to control.

And so the Sisterhood grew

-M. E. InkOwl

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