Guest Submission: Back to School

Back to school


It’s difficult with the small ones because they want to play

Sitting in silence like statues

The whole day,

It’s not for them.

They want to jump and scream and run

And their small feet move quicker than yours.


It’s difficult with the big ones because they have growing pains

They are changing inside and out

For years,

You know, you haven’t forgotten.

They want to talk and sleep and love

And they don’t see you need the same things.


It’s difficult to teach because you want to love them

Shouting and punishing

For hours,

Pains you more than them.

You dream to help, to grow to foster

Painful it is, you learn by doing.

-Fanni Suto


Fanni SütőI’m from Hungary, but I live in France.I don’t really remember the exact moment when I started writing, it’s always been part of my life. It became something serious during high school. My realistic dream is to finally finish a novel (in Hungarian or in English.) My unrealistic dream is to have my stories made into a BBC series and to meet Neil Gaiman and have a writer to writer talk.

You can read more of Fanni’s writing on her website


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