Guest Submission: Kingdoms and Phoenixes

All of these walls In this kingdom All of these fools,

All of these secrets

The velvety curtains Block out the sun

And the throne Has been claimed

By a thousand men

Yet My heart beats to rule

All of them

But I just hide

In a tower

Waiting For happiness

In my absence

They burned this kingdom down

And the smoke filled their lungs

So fast, they did run

But I was left inside

To burn

A crown in my hands,

And the potential filling my eyes

But the water they spewed

Was not enough

To keep this kingdom

From setting fire-

Where did I go

All wrong I loved with all my heart


Where did they all go

I wanted

To draw back these curtains

Make figures in the snow

Dance all night

Despite The bitter cold

But I just hid

In a tower

Waiting for happiness

To come in with the tide

When I peeked through the ash

To see the rising sun

I saw the fire in my wings

And so I did rise, again

To rule

My own Life

In my presence I reclaimed my throne

I rule with dignity and grace

To blaze

To inspire

And not misplace potential

-Chloe C. Salzetti

You can find more of Chloe’s writing at

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