Of A Healer: Ode to the Dying

Where do I begin,

I am living and you are dying.

It’s as simple as that,

I sit by your bedside and watch as your chest flutters and vitals fail.

In your lungs rattles a single dice,

Signaling for Death to come.

I feel my heart beating within my chest, watching you as the numbers draw to a close.

It’s not simple, no matter what they say.

45 minutes ago I was having lunch with my family. Exchanging jokes and wiping messy faces.

Now I sit with you, as your loved ones all discuss how next week you’ll take a flight to the east coast.

This is not to cry woe is this CNA for he has a dying patient,

I made my choice.

I knew what was included in the job description when I asked for this position.

But I sit here, the only person who understands that death is coming.

Carefully laid plans of mortal minds are waiting to be dashed,

Like a Jackal hunting for a wounded prey.

I try to speak about what is to come, but I might as well be on board the Titanic.

It’s too beautiful and grand to slip into the sea,

Unthinkable, inconceivable, a gross miscalculation.

But I understand the hidden depths of this iceberg,

How much is truly out of our control and just lingering under the surface?

So please forgive me as I watch them all talk,

And hold tight to your hand as we both know what’s to come.

I’m here for you, to the very end,

I’ll assist you in closing that great glistening book of life.

-M.E. InkOwl

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