End of a Chapter

I write to all of you from one of the many computers I’ve used over the past two and a half years that fueled The Ink Owl. As many of you know I work in healthcare on night shift. Much of my stories, musings, poetry and the like have all shared one vital component: they began on the night shift.

It was between the night owls, sleeping patients and ghosts that much of my writing became something. And the people I shared the midnight hours will forever impress upon my mind and heart.

It’s more emotional than I thought. I sit here headphones playing soft music , while my fellow nursing staff talk and chart around me. The lights dim and patient call lights grow still, for a time. I see faces and share smiles with those who have transferred patients, held pressure, compressed sternums, administered pain relieving drugs, and shared more laughs than many other people in my life.

The Ink Owl was born from the deepest parts of the night, surrounded by the most human company I’ve been able to be a part of, a family.

As the pages turn and I reflect on this part of my life I can see the bad and good from numerous experiences. All weave together forming a tapestry full of my darkest and brightest hours.

And now I move forward to the next chapter of life. And it has a classroom. 🙂

-M.E. InkOwl

5 thoughts on “End of a Chapter

  1. A touching post from the heart! Every end is a new beginning and I am sure the memories will forever stay in your heart.
    Eager to hear more about the “classroom” and wish you the best! Hope that your writing does continue.


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