Sinister Countdown: Hush, Murder Sweet

Hush, murder sweet is calling.

Dost thou hear the music rankle?

Cackle gleefully to ones self?

Shush, now hear it speaking.

Pleading close, secret keeping?

From whence did you fall?

Whisper, come close and feel the blister.

Plead did you for mercy dear?

Whining now for mother near?

Silence, a shadow moves.

Flee, run, dare look back?

Never knowing what’s in the black?

Quiet now, safety found.

Surrounded by four walls, they’ll hold me strong?

Squeeze eyes shut, sing a song, I was dreaming all along?

Hush now, I never left.

Feel my chill, break a sweat.

Hush, murder sweet, I never left.

Silence . . . wails!

-M.E. InkOwl


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