Of A Healer- The End

Good bye,” I whisper as the glass doors shut behind me. A vacuum slowly envelopes all my insides as my feet mechanically walk to the car. I can feel the tears forming in their ducts. Sense the flood of emotion brimming just beneath the surface.

Walls subconsciously constructed began to crack with the weight of experiences.

All the memories.

All the people.

The shadows.

The death.

The lives.

It all ended with those glass doors hissing shut.

I stop, not wanting to look back and fearing to walk forward.

For that moment, waiting motionless in the dark parking lot I was empty inside.

And I wish I could stop feeling.

-M.E. InkOwl

2 thoughts on “Of A Healer- The End

  1. I find your writing captivating. You’ve wrapped me in your world for one brief moment and then set me free to feel again. So many times I have said …”I wish I could stop feeling” but fear the alternative.

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