Blood And Anxiety- Weary


I am weary of the darkness

How it’s void dispels the light

Unlike the night with its round moon and stars that gleam

Teaming with life, hope and the promise of another day

I am weary of the darkness

But it’s what you have chosen

I watch as your light dims

Your smile fading to a grin

Like the Cheshire Cat

Disappearing a little at a time

I am weary of the darkness

If it were night you desired

I would join you

Dance like the gypsy children that we are

But your choice is one I can’t embrace

I love the night stars to much

The moon pulls to strongly on my heart

I can not leave the light

It feeds my soul

So I am weary of the darkness

I miss your softness

I miss your smile

But more than those

I miss your light

I am weary of the darkness

So I will wait and count the stars

Save your spot under this yellow moon

Until you lay your head upon my lap

Rest from your journey

Then we will dance like fairies in the night

joyfully reborn in light where lilies glow and moths flutter

-The Wasp

This September The InkOwl is teaming up with a guest poet The Wasp to bring you a mix of Blood and Anxiety. These poems were inspired by life events, personal experiences, and a desire to share differing perspectives on relationships. If you’re interested in participating in future corroborations with The InkOwl please feel free to message this blog from the contact page.

One thought on “Blood And Anxiety- Weary

  1. I love how you are comparing darkness with night. I hadn’t thought to put it in words that way. For me darkness is fear but night is the clear creative time when all poems are written (at least in my world….)

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