Blood and Anxiety- I’m Fine


I am strong, can’t you see?

It hides the ache within my chest.

There is nothing wrong me, my smile lies solid in this bed of flesh.

Just looks and know my happiness.

I have found my strength in this armor of joy, you can trust me, I’m fine.

I say while painful hands of night tear apart my deepest parts.

Lies can be so helpful, so true.

See look, I’m going to be okay.

-M.E. InkOwl

This September The InkOwl is teaming up with a guest poet The Wasp to bring you a mix of Blood and Anxiety. These poems were inspired by life events, personal experiences, and a desire to share differing perspectives on relationships. If you’re interested in participating in future corroborations with The InkOwl please feel free to message this blog from the contact page.

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