Blood and Anxiety- Rippling Light

How dull I’ve become upon the setting sun,

As rippling water swallowing the sun’s light.

Drained of everything upon the surface of my soul,

How small I’ve become.

Like a duck lost upon the waving form of the sea,

I am alone.

But I forget what’s beneath the surface,

Infinite depths breathing wisdom.

Transform my thoughts to a creature of the deep,

I must remember to dive into what makes me.

More than just the rippling, reflected light am I,

For I am as the depths of the sea.

-M.E. InkOwl

This September The InkOwl is teaming up with a guest poet The Wasp to bring you a mix of Blood and Anxiety. These poems were inspired by life events, personal experiences, and a desire to share differing perspectives on relationships. If you’re interested in participating in future corroborations with The InkOwl please feel free to message this blog from the contact page.

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