Sinister Countdown- Leaves’ Witness

Crunching bodily underfoot,

I flew between silent sobs.

It is coming for me,

A shadow in this deepening hour.

Between the blazing rays of a dying sun,

I hide myself fearing what lurks in the shadows of this night.

Rustlings of fate whisper through bare limbs,

If only I could fall down, down, down,

To where the Beast couldn’t find me.

A single living soul,

Hidden within a whirling world of dust.

It will find me in the end,

Claws bare and jowls quivering.

I will meet my end,

With blood upon my lips.

A scream forever marking,

The ragged tear that is my soul.

-M.E. InkOwl

This is the Sinister Countdown. If you liked this descent into maddness be sure to like and follow this month’s macabre passage. These stories, words, and poems come from the darker recesses of the mind behind the InkOwl. If you’d like to read past Sinister Countdown posts, follow the link below.

Past Sinister Countdowns

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