Sinister Countdown- Waiting Snack

Do not reach for the morning light,

For creatures wait on dreadful fright.

To rend your flesh from bones so white,

They lie in wait upon this night.

Hide you close beneath a cowl,

And utter words while they howl.

The hunt is on you hear them prowl,

And wait with patience like an owl.

Your hour is nigh don’t turn back,

For teeth await with claws and jaws that clack.

But one wrong move will alert the pack,

And end you will as a tasty snack.

-M.E. InkOwl

This is the Sinister Countdown. If you liked this descent into madness be sure to like and follow this month’s macabre passage. These stories, words, and poems come from the darker recesses of the mind behind the InkOwl. If you’d like to read past Sinister Countdown posts, follow the link below.

Past Sinister Countdowns

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