Sinister Countdown- Growing Silence

Run, hide, scream, shout,

Feel blood and bile spout.

Blink an eye scratch your flesh,

Wish you wrong upon a beating chest.

Now twist each lock,

Break every key.

Jam the door and light the flint,

Turn back now, cover each footprint.

Forget these dark and growing spheres,

Imploding doom rings in each ear.

Silence all those screaming words,

Within this space embrace the void.

This is the Sinister Countdown. If you liked this descent into madness be sure to like and follow this month’s macabre passage. These stories, words, and poems come from the darker recesses of the mind behind the InkOwl. If you’d like to read past Sinister Countdown posts, follow the link below.

Past Sinister Countdowns

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