Saturday Book Review- The Lost World

I thought I’d change things up and try something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: write book reviews. It may be terrible, if may be fun, let’s hope it’s terribly fun.

Today’s book review come from my assorted childhood: The Lost World. I blame my father. When you have a book lover on the house like him you’re bound to get hooked on reading. This one was my favorite.

Michael Crichton publishes this book in on September of 1995 nearly two years (and then some) after that beloved movie came out based on the previous book, which is fantastic (and I’ll probably review it too).

This techno-dinosaur-evolution-riddled island romp was mind blowing to my younger self- I made my father read it to me over and over at the age of eight. He had the patience enough to sit in my bed while I leaned against his side and fell asleep. I’d dream about a dinosaur filled island, then would wake up and act it out with plastic dinosaurs and Hotwheels ™️.

It was magical and I’m sure he is now half crazy because of it.

You can easily find your own synopsis of the story, if you haven’t read it, so I’ll just leave you my favorite themes of the book as follows:


-Dinosaurs eating people

-Dinosaurs chasing people

-Dinosaurs mauling people

-Dinosaurs looking/acting majestic

-Dinosaurs locking cages

-Dinosaurs eating candy bars

-Dinosaurs eating bad guys

-Dinosaurs eating good guys

-Strong female leads that totally are more prepared (emotionally as well) than everyone else

-Discourses on evolution, extinction, and human behavior

-Electric vehicles

-Discourses on genetics/physiology/anatomy/paleontology/chaos theory

-Terrifying descriptions that still make me sweat even 23 years later

If you’ve never heard of Michael Crichton, please take the time to read at least one of his books, he is a brilliant writer. I’d recommend reading the first book, Jurassic Park, but part of me thinks you still might enjoy this one without it. If you are a fan of Crichton, leave your favorite book written by him in the comments below!

-M.E. InkOwl

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