What Makes A Nurse?

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What makes a nurse?

Not a doctor, anesthesiologists, psychiatrist, or pediatrician, a nurse.

A heart that beats beyond other’s who have stilled.

A mind who accepts the no and listens to the reason.

A soul that feels more than just sympathy.

One who grieves with the broken hearts and then gets back on their feet to work.

A comforter to the worn soul and bolsters the fractured heart.

One who heals with hands, knowledge, and empathy.

A (licensed) caretaker, inspiration, friend, and confidant.

One that is afraid yet bold in their declaration.

A broken-down, weary, and disheartened spirt.

A being which stands between life and death.

Patience that offers to wait for a few steps more.

A voice willing speak with those who suffer in silence.

Shoulders that bare a burden others would run from.

Humor both dark and light, during the harshest nights and subdued days.

Skilled work that is unappreciated, dismissed, and “not a doctor”.

A constant presence at the bedside, day and night without fail.

Gentle reminders of companionship to those who are completely alone.

Hands willing revive, or hold your loved ones while they die.

A human, endowed with strength from the other side.

Imperfections, impatience, frustration, determination.

I ask again, what makes a nurse?

Respect, profound and unfathomable from us who are not them.

-M.E. InkOwl

Author’s note: We hear so much these days of the doctors, researchers, and specialists that are facing this pandemic and making world changing decisions. To them we owe our deepest thanks. But our lives we owe to those who tend the bedside day in and day out, moment by moment. If you know a nurse in your life, reach out to them and thank them for their sacrifice, courage, and imperfect self.

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