Saturday Book Review- Mortal Engines

Today’s Saturday book review title is “Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve. Not all is as it seems aboard the great traction city of London as it skims across the killing grounds looking for its next victory. With old tech and new world problems this city is out to change the course of history forever, or will it? Follow Hester Shaw and Tom Natsworthy through a thrilling steampunk world where city eats city and its a literal battle of the fittest and most mobile settlement.

If you’re looking for a read with a main character that gets everything done right in their quest in the first place and never struggles with anything through the entirety of the story then this is definitely not your book. Enter the anti-hero Hester Shaw and her humbling and naive accidental-companion Tom. The two face harsh realities and the coldness of a bitter and indifferent world where Darwin’s survival of the fittest literally rules all.

Mortal engines is constantly highlighted by the constant everyday human mistakes and choices backdropped by an impressive and beautiful post-apocalyptic-steampunk world. With crawling cities, flying cities, floating cities, and hungry cities you will get lost in this exhilarating yet relatable read.

Other titles by Philip Reeve:

  • Predator’s Gold
  • Fever Crumb
  • Larklight

You can learn more about the author and his writing by following the links below. These titles can be purchased on Amazon, Audible, or borrowed at your local public library.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Book Review- Mortal Engines

  1. I pride myself on reading the book before watching the movie, but I have to say, I did watch the movie first for this one. And it was AMAZING! I really think this is a book worth reading…the plot, characters, and setting is so wonderfully portrayed!

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    1. I’m so glad you liked this book and the movie!! I read the series years ago and almost died when I heard they were making a movie of it. This book serves so much to inspire my writing!

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