Saturday Book Review- Walk Two Moons

Today’s Saturday book review title is Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. If you haven’t ever read anything by Sharon Creech, stop what you are reading right now and read this book. I read this book in fifth grade and I it has stayed with me even to today. Take an adventure with 13-year old Salamanca (Sal) as she travels across country with her grandparents. Multiple stories unfold as Sal regails her grandparents with tales of her friends. As the miles fly by an even deeper story unfolds one connecting Sal to her estranged mother and beyond.

I cannot say enough good about this story. I remember my fifth grade teacher reading this to us. We were laughing and crying together as she read it to us. For me as a writer when I read a piece of literature that makes me feel, it could be joy, anger, anxiety, fear, if those words pull at my emotions I know it’s good writing. I hope you will feel with this book. Sharon Creech brings humanity, imperfection, and reality to a truly unique tale.

Other titles by Sharon Creech:

  • Hate That Cat
  • Love That Dog
  • The Wanderer

You can also learn more about the other in the link below and can purchase his books in Amazon, Audible, or borrow from your public library.

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