Raspberry Pines

Shrink me down to thimble size,

And let me dance among the wild grasses green.

With a needle as my sword and wood chip as my shield,

I will battle any spider or ant who may get in my way.

A forest of raspberry pines to I seek,

To lose my thoughts and taste within.

Forget the binding contracts that this keep me droning,

I am now one with the larger world around me.

As I approach a vast wall of solid cinder,

I must crawl with hands and feet.

The high noon sun beats down upon my back so fierce,

I can feel the rock beneath shivering with heat.

Hooray! I call upon a breeze as I reach the parapet tall,

And before my eyes a monstrous sight stands:

Raspberry pines ten stories tall.

Coolness meets my flushing face,

As I slip in between bristling spines.

Mist and shadows fill the word between trunks,

As leaves shiver in the dancing air.

My quest is near an end as I smell a wavering sweetness,

Low branches bending to the ground.

With needle in hand and heart beating fast I swing,

And a ruby colored honeycomb splashes at my feet.

Now friends breathe in the heady smell of summer here in these hidden pines,

And taste raspberry currents unlike any you’ve had before.

-M.E. InkOwl

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