National (USA) Book Day

Did you know it was National Boone day?! Cause I just found out. Everyday is national book day for me (and I’m sure it is for you).

So now that you and ai both know about this, I have to ask a question: what book or books are you reading?

I’m reading Dragon Singer by Anne McCaffery.

Comment below!

One thought on “National (USA) Book Day

  1. Michael,
    I am have enjoyed Anne McCaffery’s. She is a very visual author. I am a fan of Robin McKinley, “The Blue Sword” and “The Hero and the Crown”. I have just finished Robert Fulgham’s ” All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”. I laughed and cried then I looked up what Unitarianism is all about to inspire such thoughts. Candice handed me the Suzanne Collins “Hunger Games” novel “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”. I found the ‘Hunger Game” saga enthralling. This part of the story gives a whole new understanding to “whys” of the other books. I have been leaning toward re-reading my first true fantasy novels by David Eddings. Then see what comes up next.
    We have fantasy and Science Fiction in our lives to give our reality a break for a few pages. Or maybe there is something in those hypothetical places that can give clarity to what is happening in our reality.
    I am all for National Book Day every day.

    Continue on and be calm,

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