Saturday Book Review- DragonSong

Today’s Saturday Book Review is Dragon Song by Anne McCaffery. This young adult novel Enter the world of Pern where humans inhabit vast underground caves and build city’s into cliff faces, where dangerous flesh eating spores called Thread fall from the skies and, most importantly, where dragons are mankind’s only salvation.

Dragon Song follows the story of Menolly of Half-Circle Seahold, a young girl who wishes nothing more than to be a musician, a Harper. But in Half-Circle it is forbidden for women to create music, and if her father has anything to do with it this dream will never become a reality. But all of that changes when one day Menolly happens upon a hatching of Fire Lizards, creatures who were thought to only live within fairytales. Little does Menolly know how much her small adventure will change the whole of Pern.

I remember reading the Dragons of Pern series when I was 15 years old. I was working my first job weeding and tending a neighbor’s garden (it was huge). I had my portable Walkman in my pocket and a whole bag full of book on CDs from the library. From the moment I started the first introduction to the last page of the series I felt something I’d never get before, at home.

Even now nearly 20 years later as I open these books and feel as if I’ve walked home through the front door after a long days work. When I first heard about the great cliff city of Benden Weyr, and its mighty force of dragon riders, or met Queen Lessa and her dragon Ramoth, I felt as if I’d known them my entire life. Pern will always be my home away from home. Only two authors have ever made me feel this way, J.R.R. Tolkien with The Hobbit, and Terry Pratchett with the Discworld series.

Anne McCaffery is no exception to this high regard. She builds an entirely believable world in which reader embark upon so many adventures that the defining line between reality and fantasy blur. With wholly realistic characters that you can help falling for and understanding all to well, you won’t be able to stop turning each page. (Or switch out CDs fast enough.) With plenty of strong female characters, in-depth character growth and a narrative that never fails to lead you astray, you can’t go wrong.

Other titles by Anne McCaffery:


Dragonsong (Book 2 of the Menolly series)

The Renegades of Pern

To learn more about Anne McCaffery and her many series follow the link below:

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