Saturday Book Review- The White Mountains

Today’s Saturday Book Review is The White Mountains by John Christopher. Published over 50 years ago, I feel this book still has a place among other great works of science fiction. First in the Tripod Trilogy, the White Mountains takes place in what feels like medieval England but actually turns out to be a horrifying future. Young Will lives in a small peaceful English village where everything appears to be typically picturesque, aside from the vast towering tripods that roam the lands. What’s more The Capping is happening this year and it is Will’s turn to be taken into the Mets monster and places with a metal web on his head. He has some misgivings about the seemingly innocent ritual, but when events conspire to show the truth, Will embarks on an adventure that will change his world forever.

I remember coming across the book when I was in sixth grade. Our teacher, Mrs. S., read to us each day for 15 minutes. It was fifteen minutes I wished could last the entire day. When Mrs. S pulled out this book I never expected it would transport my young kind to a different universe entirely.

I remember vividly imagining all that was happening with the horrific Tripods and man’s struggle for survival and freedom. As a class we would always beg Mrs. S to keep reading, and after some pleading moments she would relent. It truly is one of my many favorite memories of elementary school I hope to never forget. This book helped to fuel my love of science fiction literature and seek after the likes of H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, and Frank Herbert. I highly recommend this quick and enjoyable read.

Other titles by John Christopher:

The City of Gold & Lead (Book 2 of Tripod Trilogy)

The Swords of Spirit Trilogy

Empty World

You can learn more about John Christopher by following the link below. His titles are available at your local library,, or on Amazon.

John Christopher

Happy reading!

-M.E. InkOwl

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