Sinister Countdown- Necromantic’s Beware

I thought of rest before I slept,

Among such bones so deep,

Where little light tarried and roots dove deep.

But now I wake before the dawn,

And wonder what has become of these beloved bonds,

That kept me still and let me rest beneath the waking world.

A light was shown upon my grave,

And unholy fire consumed me,

Cracking the spells that held me at peace.

Now upon this fresh earth do my dead fingers grip,

And rage ignites my purpose plan,

Destroy all living and breathing flesh.

Release my pain as an ungodly plague,

For nine shall walk peaceful roads,

Nor find joy upon each path I take.

This gate once opened may never be closed,

By mortal hands so naive,

Only I may work such curses forth once every living thing is undone.

-M.E. InkOwl

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